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Services & Expertise

We provide services to hospital-based specialties with an emphasis in Anesthesia, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist, and Radiology. 
  • Hospital-based physician services evaluations for Healthcare Systems, Academic Health Centers and individual hospitals. 

  • Negotiate payor contracts for hospital-based physician groups

  • Proprietary Service Line Questionnaire 

  • Utilization reports to pinpoint acutal use of anesthetizing sites

  • Evaluation of turnaround time and on-time starts

  • Professional staff productivity reports

  • Development of creative staffing models with unique solutions for staffing shortages

  • Financial Proformas

  • Effective Term Sheets for contract negotiations with vendors

  • Professional service agreement models

  • Performance Metrics for service and quality

  • Comprehensive Request for Proposals (RFPs) and sophisticated data analytical based comparative grids

  • Revenue Cycle Management to improve billing and collections

  • Employment models for physicians and mid-level providers

  • Infrastructure design for management and monitoring of hospital-based physician services

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