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Why Physician Hospital Services Consulting?
We work closely with hospitals, health systems and Academic Health Centers to understand the objective and culture of the organization, establish clear and agreed upon desired specific outcomes, deliverables and timing of engagement execution. 
  • Our senior executive consultants understand that each health system and hospital is unique, and throughout our engagements we are sensitive to your organizational dynamics while working to achieve your goal-oriented objectives.
  • We develop an engagement plan and use highly sophisticated propriety databases, analytics and questionnaires to develop timely, effective, efficient and practical recommendations and solutions.
  • Our extensive experience in hospital operations, consulting and provider group management sets us apart. We have firsthand knowledge of all aspects of the hospital-based physician services in Anesthesia, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, and Radiology.
  • The value we bring to our clients is the ability to understand the overall perspective of the health care industry, and our decades of experience and understanding that each facility, medical staff culture and community dynamics.
  • As leading consultants in hospital-based physician services, we have developed unique databases containing information from hundreds of clients, allowing us to match your specific needs with best practices gathered from across the county to address service, cost, quality and performance.
Drive Results with Our Proprietary Tool Kit & Methodology
  • Our proprietary database for hospital-based physician services is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Our data-driven strategy is tailored to fit the short, intermediate, and long-term operational and financial objectives for each Health System and Hospital.
  • We evaluate bundling opportunities, services, geographic and arbitrage leverage.
  • Our proprietary and highly effective Questionnaires allow us to expedite information collection and assessment.
  • Our best practice Professional Service Agreements utilize efficient and effective staffing models yielding lower costs, emphasis on quality, and service and performance alignment.
  • All financial proformas are proprietary and specialized for each hospital-based physician service.
  • Our Revenue Cycle Analysis will maximize billing, collections and cash flow.
  • Physician Hospital Services Consulting will provide effective Reques for Proposal models to expedite vendor assessment, comparative results, and ultimately vendor selection.
  • We work closely with each client to develop term sheets that expedite negotiations.
  • We have outstanding skills and experience negotiating with senior leadership of regional and national vendors.
  • Utilize our questionnaires and data gathering instruments to minimize follow-up calls and emails

  • Onsite and virtual interviews to fully understand the needs of leadership, medical staff and current hospital-based physician provider groups

  • Compare the current Anesthesia, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, and Radiology model with industry standards to assess potential opportunities and best practice models

  • Assess requested vs actual coverage along with staffing utilization for physicians and midlevel providers

  • Evaluate current basis for compensation for providers

  • Evaluate per-provider productivity by day of week and month of year

  • Compare level of hospital financial support to industry benchmarks

  • Develop staffing models that meet the hospital's growth projections

  • Create propriety financial proformas for clinical services that are flexible for future needs

  • If necessary, develop a RFP, with confidential exploration of possible alternative providers

  • Collaboratively develop recommendations for all the above

Results That Matter

Our clients include well recognized Healthcare Systems and Academic Health Centers such as Johns Hopkins, HCA Healthcare, Vanderbilt, Bon Secours Mercy Health, the University of Texas, the University of Florida, Ardent Health System, and Advent Health.  

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