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  • Anesthesia Provider Shortage a roadblock to growth opportunities?

  • Increasing anesthesia stipends forcing you to cut needed budget items?

  • Anesthesia staffing problems driving surgeon frustration?

  • Considering employing hospital-based Physicians?

  • Could better payor contracts for your physicians save you money?

Hospital-based Physician services are increasingly presenting more critical challenges to hospital leadership. A lack of needed coverage has been driven by a shortage of physician and midlevel providers, and higher labor costs are creating demands by national and regional provider vendors for large financial subsidy increases.  Physician Hospital Services Consulting (PHSC) has consistently demonstrated that there are practical and achievable solutions to meet these challenges and achieve strategic and operational objectives.

Physician Hospital Services Consulting was founded to provide consulting services to Healthcare Systems, Academic Health Centers, and Individual Hospitals. Our mission is to advance inpatient physician hospital care by leveraging our knowledge and experience to deliver creative and practical solutions to our clients in hospital-based physician services

Our team of highly credentialed and experienced senior healthcare executives works closely with Health System and Hospital Leadership to develop hospital-based physician services that support and enhance our clients strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Our senior executives have the expertise and experience to deliver results, managing complex engagements in the most efficient and cost sensitive manner possible. We will deliver recommendations to achieve your strategic and operational goals for now and in the future. 

Why PHSC ?

In a word, RESULTS. The value we bring to our clients is the ability to understand the specific services of hospital-based physicians, their clinical coverage requirements, and the uniqueness of each facility, medical staff culture, and community dynamics. 

Many may look familiar...
Hospital-Based Physician Trends

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